TAMARIX arrives, our new commitment to “orange” and organic wine

Tamarix is a new organic wine made from the Moscatel grape and fermented with its own skins. The ‘orange wines’ are wines with a growing demand among a young and unprejudiced audience. Wines in tune with the current trend of natural wines, which makes it possible to speak of them as fashionable wines, to the point that they have burst onto the menu of some of the best restaurants in the world.

Its actuality, however, is directly related to very ancient traditions, since its first antecedents are established no more and no less than 6,000 years ago, in the Caucasus, from where its elaboration spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, mainly in France, Italy and Spain.

In this context, ‘Tamarix’ is launched on the market. If the two previous wines from the organic range of Barbadillo paid homage to the water -´Sábalo’- and to the air –’Patenegro’-, now with ‘Tamarix’ it is the turn of the earth

The ‘Tamarix Gallica’ is a plant that is very present on the coast of Cádiz since it adapts perfectly to areas near the sea with saline and humid soils. It is a plant that stabilizes sandy soils and helps fix dunes. Even its pinkish-orange color, especially in autumn, matches the tone of the ‘muscatel with skins’ to which it will give its name from now on.

‘Tamarix’ is a powerful wine, in which the muscatel variety is very present, but the complete fermentation of all its sugars and the maceration with its own skins during fermentation gives it a wide variety of fruity aromas, aromatic herbs and white flowers , as well as notes of spices, nuts and earthy tones, with a great balance, acidity and slight bitterness. On the palate, it has peculiarities acquired by the effect of the grape skins, marked tannins, mild acidity… In short, it is a complex wine, highly structured, with great flavor and strength.

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