Goyo Valmorisco
Writing and wine
Small containers of history

Our range of Reliquia wines is a tribute to time, patience and know-how. A tribute to human eyes and hands, to careful attention, and knowledge brought from afar. The human presence is fundamental to this creative process, clean and profound from the first, giving a result that is unique: singular.





Goyo Valmorisco, a professional calligrapher, made each of the labels by hand for the almost 300 bottles of Reliquia that left our cellars. Nothing else would do, because to break the chain of craftsmanship, the cult of patience, would have meant breaking the slow passage of time. He let his ink-laden nib pen and ruling pen run slowly and carefully, connecting with the unhurried process, just as the bacteria in the barrels have been shaping the wine for years.

““Getting your hands dirty,” says Goyo, whether with ink, earth or wine, makes no difference. “Very few intermediaries between you and the end result, no machinery to take you away from the magic that is happening”, so you can feel the process and be an active part of it. Isolation is needed to connect, and he compares this to what the wine must feel as it rests and matures in the barrels in complete solitude.

Calligraphy and wine – two arts that have come from afar – were brought to us long ago by our ancestors as a gift so we can continue exploring them and connecting with the slow pulse of life. Generations and generations before us, all writing, communicating, planting, tasting… Writing and wine, two ways of storing history in small containers full of ancestral symbolism.

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